Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kochini Kippah

In her school days at the age of 15 – 16, there was an old Jew women called Ramachi Muthi (Muthi means respect word for elderly). She used to stich a special Kippah for the Jews in Kochi and Mattanchery. It has got a special design and an Israel – India cultural blend. Sarah Aunty was sensitive to art and craft, out of curiosity she asked Ramachi Muthi to teach her the “Kochini Kippah”. Sometimes when Sarah Aunty talks about her olden days she tells that Ramachi Muthi was very happy to teach her the stitching. Muthi wished the tradition of Kochini Kippah to be carried and handed over to generations.

Now that I am so glad and fortunate that Sarah Aunty had faith in me to teach the stitching and I could continue the tradition of “Kochini Kippah”. It is always available in our shop with other Kippah and I thank the guests who visits our shop because they are making it alive by using that along with the normal Kippah.

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